Three New Pet Supplies Entering the Market

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique keeps an eye on cool new pet supplies entering the market, not only to sell in our shops, but to test out with our own dogs too.

If we think products are as useful as they are innovative we try and provide them for our favorite people and animals—you guys!

The pet industry has blossomed in the last decade and with this growth comes endless new cutting edge and pet-inspired products to sample. From dog beer to a PoopPot, Splash and Dash wanted to tell you what we think of three unique new pet supplies for the Fido in your life.

Pet Supplies for Your Dog\’s Inner Pub-Hound: Bowser Beer

What\’s better than getting home from a hard day\’s work and having a nice cold one? The same is true for your dog. After a hard day lounging around the house, begging for treats, and licking your face our canine companions deserve a pet supplies brewski.

Whether it\’s a birthday bash or just a casual unwind, Splash and Dash has our eyes on Bowser Beer. Right of the top, we\’re letting you know it doesn\’t actually have alcohol in it. That\’s just irresponsible!

Bowser Beer is great because it is healthy and delicious for your dogs. The topper is formulated with human-grade proteins combined with malt barley which contains amino acids,  glucosamine, and B Vitamins. There is no added salt or fat. The \’beer\’ is essentially a dressed up dog broth. Currently, there are three flavors available for your pooch—Brown Beefy Ale (Beef), Cock-a-doodle Brew (Chicken), and Porky Pug Porter (Pork).

The Responsible Pet Parents Saving Grace: PoopPot

As conscience pet parents we never fail to scoop. It\’s just rude. Most pet-friendly cities take aims to make it easier for pet parents to go about picking up our dog\’s waste like providing bags and trash cans, but what about those walks through the neighborhood where your stuck holding a plastic bag filled with stink?

From all the way across the pond comes the answer: PoopPot. The PoopPot comes in two sizes small and large and is basically a mobile and collapsible trash can that can clip to your belt. The lid is airtight making walks odor-free. The conical shape adjusts to size and is easily collapsed for storage when not in use.

We at Splash and Dash found it easier to use than a typical poop scoop because of it\’s mobility.

For the Love of Dogs

We saw the design and just fell in love with these sculpture adornments for the garden. Carruth Studios makes an exceptionally cute garden sculpture called For the Love of Dogs. The sculpture is a heart embroidered with different dog faces in the composition of a puzzle.  Each doggie face borders another.

These are days of being a proud pet parent and with the market offering an endless amount of pet supplies to boast your affections  you\’re in no short supply.

Each sculpture is hand-crafted and wrapped. Stones come in Terracotta, Natural Stone, Aged Stone, Green, and Designer White. Planting one of these in your yard will plant a seed of happiness for all who see.


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