Stylish Puppy Haircuts for the Fall

The Cutest Puppy Haircuts for Your Pup This Season

Regular grooming is absolutely essential for a pet\’s overall health. Grooming keeps your dog and house clean, regulates body temperature, and is preventative care for overall health issues. A groomer will provide a wellness check to spot any issues like skin irritations, fleas & ticks, hotspots, or hernias. Puppy haircuts are important! Timid puppies need to get accustomed to foreign experiences like grooming visits. A puppy who is used to grooming is much easier to handle and the experience becomes enjoyable for them.

Think of your regular puppy haircuts as an essential step for their wellness. Many pet owners forego grooming during the cold months and shave their dogs down during the summer. This is not always the healthiest approach for your dog\’s coat health. Shaving a dog with a double coat can interfere with the coat\’s natural growing process and insulation. The coat might not grow back fully. The reverse of this is letting a coat get too long. Depending on your dog\’s coat texture, longer fur is more susceptible to matting—painful knots that form in a dog\’s coat.

The key to good puppy haircuts is discussing everything with your groomer. Know what you want stylistically for your dog, allows you and your groomer to discuss healthy options for length and maintaining schedule. The rule of thumb is to choose a length and let that be the standard despite the season. Another thing to keep in mind is that terms for puppy haircuts are often used interchangeably from pet salon to pet salon. A \’kennel cut\’ might mean one thing to a groomer in New York and a different thing to a groomer in California. Showing your groomer a picture and having a thorough conversation with your groomer will help avoid any miscommunications.

This article walks pet parents through the popular puppy haircuts to help you find the perfect look for your fur-baby!

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is accepted by the American Kennel Club for show puppies. This is a basic cut with a short crop often used with younger dogs. Older dogs can get a puppy cut too and may even look younger afterward. Pet parents love the puppy cut because it is super easy to maintain. Trimming a puppy cut doesn\’t take time-consuming precision and looks good on smaller dogs and toy breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, and Shih Tzus. The fur is cut in rounded fringed layers. This brings the coat down evenly across the body.

The Teddy Bear Cut

This cut became famous after an adorable Pomeranian named Boo first got it and went viral on the internet. Although the look is popular for Pomeranians many different toy breeds look terrifically cuddly with this trim. Larger breeds like Standard Poodles can get the cut but it might look a little goofy. The teddy bear cut is similar to a puppy cut. The cut trims down the dog\’s coat on the body, keeping fur even. The difference is the face. The hair around the face will keep its length with a rounded trim that blends into the body coat. The result is your dog now looks like an adorable little teddy bear!

The Lion Cut

This is another of the super cute puppy haircuts. The lion cut is good for dogs with thick coats whose hair can be tamed to give off the appearance of a lion\’s mane—very fierce on Wheaten Terriers, Pomeranians, or any dog with a thick coat. We\’ve even seen the lion cut on a Shar Pei. The lion cut has a short body-coat with the hair around the head and neck left longer and brushed out. Many groomers can trim a dog\’s tail down except for the end where a brushed-out pom will look just like a lion\’s tail.

The Topknot

The topknot; popular on hip humans but looks better on hip puppies. This haircut is more of a hairstyle. Many dog owners love having their dog\’s coat long but worry that they can\’t see through the fall—the hair covering a dog\’s eyes. A dog\’s topknot is made with a pup\’s long facial hair around their forehead, eyes, and nose. This hair is brushed and pulled back toward the top of the head. The knot is cinched with a rubber band or even cuter, a bow. It\’s a sweetheart look that\’s practical. The most popular breed to sport a topknot is a Shih Tzu. Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Lhasa Apso, and Poodles who all pull of the look elegantly.

The Mohawk

If your dog has more a punk puppy personality then you could consider giving them a mohawk. There are several variations of the mohawk from a true strip of hair running straight down the middle to stylized strips of hair that are parted. You can style the hair any way you want and this shows off a dog\’s spunky and punky personality.

A Pet Owner\’s Job

Grooming is not just about style–choose humanity over vanity. We urge you to find a reputable grooming salon that practices ethical grooming techniques. Grooming extends beyond coat care. A dog\’s teeth brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and other hygienic treatments are taken care of at the groomers. Skipping out on a grooming visit is like skipping the pediatrician for your two-legged child.

Also important is to maintain brushing between visits. Brushing keeps mats from forming and distributes a dog\’s natural skin oil throughout their coat. Daily brushing also removes dead hair and dander that is trapped in the coat. Not only is this healthy for your dog but it reduces symptoms of allergies for allergy-sensitive people and will keep your house clean.

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